School-Based Chess Classes for Kids in Brisbane & Beyond

Chess Mates runs chess classes for kids in South-East Queensland, Melbourne and Adelaide.

Designed especially for children in Prep and above, our chess classes are fun, interactive, and tailored by our teachers to suit the kids in each class.

What to expect

Chess Mates chess classes run for 30 minutes to an hour, depending on your school.

Younger kids will learn about chess pieces and their movements through stories, songs, rhymes, mini-games, and characters like “Billy the Bishop”. Older kids will learn more complex ideas, including opening moves, tactics, and planning.

Each chess class begins with an interactive lesson exploring one key idea, chess piece, or strategy. Working with their peers, your child will play games and puzzles to put this lesson into practice, receiving personal feedback from their teacher along the way.

Why chess with Chess Mates?

Unlike many chess programs, Chess Mates emphasises fun, enjoyment, and cooperation over competition (though friendly competition is still encouraged).

Your child’s chess teacher will focus on teaching the fundamentals of chess in a fun, interactive way. They’ll also use chess to help your child develop other skills, including:

  • maths (using points tallies and chess board coordinates)
  • problem-solving (preventing pieces from being taken or strategizing to take a piece)
  • planning ahead (deciding on a series of moves to achieve checkmate)
  • emotional intelligence (dealing with setbacks or losing a game)
  • social skills (playing with other kids and learning to relate via a common interest)

Regardless of their age, your child will enjoy learning chess in a fun environment where teamwork is encouraged.

Enrol today

To see if chess is offered at your school, take a look at our list of participating schools below.

When you’re ready to sign up, simply click on your school to enrol your child in chess classes.

If you don’t see your school below, don’t worry! We also offer private chess lessons, and online chess classes for kids. Click on the class type you’re most interested in to learn more.

*Please note, many classes are not starting until later in the term due to new COVID regulations. Please double check the start date on the booking. Online classes are available instead. These dates are subject to change as new information comes in. If this happens we will be in contact and provide credits to use on our online classes.