Enjoy Chess Lessons for Kids in the Comfort of Your Home

Did you know that learning to play chess helps kids develop cognitive, emotional, and social skills?

This is especially true if chess is taught for fun and enjoyment, not just “performance”.

At Chess Mates, we’re passionate about sharing our love and knowledge of chess through private chess lessons for kids in the convenience and comfort of your Brisbane home.

And as Australia’s only NDIS chess provider, we’re able to share the benefits of chess with kids of all abilities.

What to expect

Chess Mates private chess lessons for kids are ideal for children ages 3+ who want to learn chess or improve their chess skills, strategy, and understanding.

With fun and engaging lessons featuring stories, songs, rhymes, puzzles, and gameplay, your child won’t just learn to play chess – they’ll also love it.

Whether your child is a complete beginner or a budding champ, your chess teacher will tailor lessons to suit your child’s age, experience, abilities, and learning style. If you have more than one kid who wants to learn, we’re happy to teach them both!

NDIS chess lessons

Learning to play chess helps kids to improve their problem-solving and concentration, develop emotional intelligence, and learn to play with (and relate to) other children.

This is true of kids of all ages and abilities, which is why Chess Mates has become the first chess provider on the NDIS.

Our teachers are passionate about using chess to help kids develop and grow in all areas of their lives. With chess lessons in your Brisbane home covered by the NDIS, your child can enjoy the cognitive, emotional, and social development that comes from learning chess.

Enrol today

We would love to help your child experience the many benefits of learning chess.

Email us today at info@chessmates.com.au to tell us about your child and your goals for chess, so we can assign the ideal teacher for your needs.

We look forward to welcoming you and your child to the Chess Mates family!

Learn more

Learn more about our online course and how it can help your child solidify their chess knowledge. This course contains dozens of videos for all ages.

Learn more about our tournaments and why they’re a great place to meet like minded people. Your child will enjoy a fun day of chess and have the opportunity to test their skills and win some prizes!