Chess Mates Holiday Program

Chess Mates Holiday Program

Are you looking for a fun, all-day holiday program for the kids that challenges, engages and encourages making friends?

Chess Mates is coming to Nundah State School and Sunnybank State High School for the holidays!

We have two programs running throughout both weeks of the September-October holidays:

From the 24th-28th of September at Nundah State School and the 3rd-5th of October at Sunnybank State High School, we will be teaching kids chess strategies, playing games such as Rugby Chess and Trivia, as well as offering prizes to those that are eager to learn and help others.

At our Nundah program, we will also be devoting an hour everyday to physical activities and games, with one of our Holiday Program partners – PHYSI KIDS!

Enquire now as Holidays are close!
To register multiple children, please use a comma to separate their details as per the example below.

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