Why chess for kids?

Many studies have shown the unique developmental, social, and other benefits children of all ages enjoy when they learn to play chess. To learn more about this topic, read our in-depth article on the benefits of chess (especially chess taught by Chess Mates) here.


How long does each chess class run for?

Depending on your school, classes range from 30 minutes to 1 hour.


How many children are allowed in each Chess Mates class?

For school-based chess classes, we have a ratio of no more than eighteen students for every one teacher. Online chess classes are capped at twelve students per class.


How do I enrol my child in chess classes?

All chess class enrolments and payments can be done through our website. Simply click on the school, class, or program you’d like to enrol your child in to complete the enrolment process.

You can also contact us at info@chessmates.com.au to kickstart the enrolment process.


Can I enrol my child in private chess lessons?

Yes! Read more about home-based private chess lessons on our private tutoring page, or contact us today at info@chessmates.com.au to arrange a day, time, and teacher.


Can I enrol my child in online chess lessons? How do online chess lessons work?

Yes! Our online chess classes are run via Zoom. Lessons are taught using lichess.org and an electronic demo board. Children participating in online chess lessons enjoy the interaction and discussion that accompanies these lessons.

Read more about online chess lessons here, or contact us today at info@chessmates.com.au to enrol your child.


My child’s school doesn’t offer chess classes. What should I do?

We would love to bring Chess Mates chess classes to your school!

However, if this isn’t possible, you can enrol your child in weekend, private, or online chess classes instead.

To discuss bringing Chess Mates to your school, contact us today at info@chessmates.com.au


How does a chess class run?

Each chess class focuses on one main idea, piece, or strategy. Working with their peers, your child will play games and puzzles to put this lesson into practice, receiving personal feedback from their teacher along the way. The lesson concludes with revision to ensure your child remembers what they learnt, and why they learnt it.


How is chess taught?

At Chess Mates, your child is taught in a fun, non-competitive, and engaging environment. We teach moves and tactics with creative stories, songs, and physical movement. For older children, we also use technology to help them learn and remain engaged.


How are chess classes supervised?

Online and weekend chess classes are run and supervised by our Chess Mates teachers. We have a strict ratio of one teacher for every twelve students.

For school classes, there may also be a school staff member supervising the class. Please check with your school to learn more about what happens on chess days.


Will I receive feedback on my child’s progress?

We’re happy to provide feedback on your child’s progress upon request.


Do Chess Mates teachers hold Queensland “Blue Cards” (or similar in other states)?

Absolutely! All Chess Mates teachers hold current working with children Blue Cards (or the equivalent, for teachers outside of Queensland).


How do I pay for my child’s chess classes?

Payments for the term are processed online at the time of booking.