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With up to 80% of your child’s brain development occurring before they start school, the first

5 years of your child’s life are critical.

Traditional chess classes are only available for kids aged 8 and over. However, at Chess Mates, we recognise the unique developmental benefits of learning chess from an early age.That’s why we offer childcare chess for children and toddlers aged 2+.

Our childcare chess classes run weekly and are designed to give your child a head-start before Prep. Each class has up to 6 kids, with larger classes split so your child receives appropriate attention.At the end of each term, you will receive feedback on your child’s progress and learning.

Our classes make learning chess fun – moves and tactics are taught in a way that’s suited to your child’s age and developmental stage, with stories, songs, and physical movement. We don’t focus on winning (in fact, we teach kids how to deal with winning and losing). Instead, we focus on making new friends and having fun while learning.Your child will learn to concentrate for 30 minutes in a fun and engaging class (20 minutes for toddlers aged 2 to 3 and a half).

With our childcare chess classes, your child will be prepared to start school as they discover that learning can be fun.They will also enjoy key developmental benefits as they improve their concentration, problem solving, memory, and more.

We invite every child to experience a trial chess class.To register or enrol your child in childcare chess, email, or call 1300 CHESS MATES (1300 243 776) today.

(Don’t do childcare, but want to do chess? Check out our weekend chess classes and one-on-one chess tuition.)

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