Why Chess for Kids with Chess Mates?

At Chess Mates, our goal isn’t to mould your child into a competitive grandmaster.

Instead, we take a different – almost revolutionary – approach to teaching chess.

Rather than focusing on competition like most chess classes for kids, we use chess as an educational tool to teach your child empathy, emotional intelligence, and how to overcome their challenges.

While your child will still learn that winning can be fun, they’ll also learn a whole lot more! In fact, chess can help your child develop socially, academically, and emotionally.

Social benefits of learning chess

We value fun and teamwork – and so do our students. During our chess classes for kids, your child will have the opportunity to make friends and learn to use chess and the other related skills they develop to make new friends in the future.

Instead of teaching them to be confrontational, we help your child to be understanding, collaborative, and creative.

Thanks to Chess Mates, you can be confident your little person will never find themselves short of good friends!

Benefits for children with ASD

Studies have shown that learning chess can help children with autism to develop emotionally, socially, and cognitively, just as much as it helps other children develop in these areas.

That’s why Chess Mates is the only chess provider on the NDIS – so we can help all children enjoy the benefits of learning chess.

Academic & emotional benefits of learning chess

Research has shown that learning to play chess helps children develop and improve skills in a wide variety of areas – and we’ve seen all these benefits among our chess students!

When your child learns to play chess, they’ll likely also improve in the following areas:

  • Concentration and attention – as your child is engaged in lessons and gameplay
  • Memory – as your child recalls moves taught in previous lessons
  • Critical thinking, creativity, and planning – as your child uses all these skills to play chess
  • Spatial awareness – as your child learns how different chess pieces move across the board
  • Problem solving – as your child works out ways to protect their pieces and achieve “checkmate”
  • Independent and abstract decision making – as your child decides on their next moves for themselves by first planning the move out in their mind
  • Emotional intelligence – as your child learns to process the different emotions associated with winning and losing
  • Confidence – as your child learns new things and participates in peer teaching

These skills will help your child with their reading, maths, original thinking, and more. So, it’s no wonder so many parents choose to send their children to our chess classes for kids!

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